Top 5 Celebrity Casino Sightings

Bright lights, wild parties and the paparazzi ready to snap them silly at every photo opportunity… what celebrity doesn’t love Vegas? The Strip has seen a whole roster of big stars over the years. Here is our run-down of the Top 5 most memorable modern A-listers spotted at the casinos…

5) George Clooney

During his time filming critically-acclaimed casino flick Ocean’s Eleven, Hollywood hunk George Clooney fell in love with traditional table favourite Blackjack, often playing high stake games alongside co-stars Matt Damon and Brad Pitt who are also fans of gambling. At one point, Clooney and Pitt even considered becoming business partners, drawing up plans to build a hotel casino of their own on the Vegas strip. Unfortunately their plans did not come to fruition, following a huge buy out by the W hotel and casino group for just over 200 million dollars. Not a bad sale.

4) Tony Bennett

The world famous Caesars Palace opened its doors to Las Vegas gamblers on 5th August 1966, with the 50th anniversary taking place earlier this year. Never ones to miss a big party, a whole bunch of A-list stars flocked to the casino to join in the celebrations, making it an unmissable event for keen celeb-watchers. Award-winning TV chef Gordon Ramsay catered for the party, with the sparkling line up of guest attendees including Calvin Harris, Donny Osmond, and none other than legendary jazz singer Tony Bennett. Back in 1969, Bennett was offered a lifetime contract to perform at Caesars Palace. He remains the only entertainer in history to hold this honour!

3) Harry Styles

One Direction crooner and international heartthrob Harry Styles doesn’t try to hide his love of Roulette, proudly sporting a ‘17BLACK’ tattoo just above his heart. It’s a prominent piece of ink in his ever-growing collection of permanent body art, and also James Bond’s lucky Roulette number! Styles was previously thrown out of Vegas casino as the legal gambling age is 21 in America. But now the 22 year old singer can play to his heart’s content, often frequenting the popular Crown Casino in Melbourne, Australia. As the new owner of Club 23 at the Crown, Aussie cricketer Shane Warne is also a regular casino guest, along with popstar Justin Timberlake and tennis pro Maria Sharapova.

2) Rihanna

Vegas is a definitive hotspot for nightlife, with powerhouse casinos providing some of the most exciting and exclusive bars and clubs in the world to entertain the rich and famous. ‘Intrigue’, the latest addition to the impressive Wynn casino resort was opened in April this year and saw dozens of well-known socialites arriving en masse to dance the night away. Famous faces Kate Hudson and Diplo were spotted joining chart-topping pop princess Rihanna for a night in the new club. Regularly splashed on the covers of magazines for her reputation as a party animal, it’s likely that Rihanna will return to Vegas again soon to enjoy all the night delights the Strip has to offer.

1) Ben Affleck

With the 2005 California State Poker Championship firmly under his belt, Daredevil star Ben Affleck has never been a stranger to the gambling scene. Whilst not strictly illegal, Affleck’s ability to ‘count cards’ is highly frowned upon and has landed him in hot water with many Las Vegas resorts, including a lifetime ban from the iconic Hard Rock Casino. Not only is he a cool hand at Poker, the high-rolling actor once scored $800,000 on Blackjack, celebrating his phenomenal win by generously tipping the casino staff with thousands of dollars. With a hot winning streak like that, don’t be surprised if you spy him playing cards on your next trip to Nevada!