Top 5 Biggest Casinos

When it comes to casinos, bigger is always better. More slot machines, more poker rooms and more room for happy gamblers to roam. Plus, where else are you going to keep your priceless artwork? To pay tribute to the world of mega casinos, we’ve built this top 5 sky high with the very biggest on the planet.

The list below represents the largest casinos in the world by square footage. These gargantuan gambling houses cover more space than any other, with truly staggering numbers of games and hotel rooms, often dominating the city they call home. Make yourself a huge coffee, grab a massive biscuit and enjoy the 5 biggest casinos in the world…

5) Casino Ponte 16, Macau

Square feet: 270,000
Gaming machines: 310
Table and poker games: 110
Hotel rooms: 408

First up is the Casino Ponte 16 in Macau, coming in at 270,000 square foot of gambling space. To give you a comparison, that’s the same size than 4 football pitches, just for gambling. This mega casino-hotel complex is situated in Macau’s inner harbour and spans 2 hectares across its casino, hotel, gallery and entertainment/retail centre. The only thing more impressive than the size of Ponte 16 is the fact it isn’t even close to the biggest in Macau…

4) Foxwoods Resort Casino, Connecticut

Square feet: 344,000
Gaming machines: 4800
Table and poker games: 380
Hotel rooms: 2266

Number four is the Foxwoods Resort Casino in Connecticut, with 344,000 square foot dedicated to their casino. Foxwoods is a haven for slots players, with nearly 4800 machines to choose from, spanning old 3-reel classics to the latest video slots on the market. Add this to the 380 tables and poker rooms available and it isn’t difficult to see why Foxwoods is one of the most popular gaming destinations on the Eastern seaboard of America.

3) City of Dreams, Macau

Square feet: 420,000
Gaming machines: 1514
Table and poker games: 520
Hotel rooms: 1400

The 3rd biggest casino on the globe is the City of Dreams casino, again in Macau. This betting behemoth boasts a Vquarium, bubble fountain and theatre in addition to its 420,000 square foot of casino floor and 1400 hotel rooms. If you don’t get a lost in this sprawling mega complex, you’ll find a heaps of games and tables to enjoy including over 1500 different slot machines. Self-styled as a more ‘hip’ establishment and aimed at younger gamblers, City of Dreams even includes one of the hottest nightclubs in Macau, Club Cubic.

2) WinStar Casino Resort, Oklahoma

Square feet: 519,000
Gaming machines: 7400
Table and poker games: 145
Hotel rooms: 1495

Our runner up is the enormous Winstar Casino Resort in Oklahoma, covering 519,000 square foot. This monster currently holds the record for most slot machines in one casino with 7400 games to play. Bizarrely, the Winstar is based in the small rural community of Thackerville, home to just 465 residents, a far cry from the bustling metropolis of Vegas or even Atlantic City. When a casino provides 16 slot machines for every 1 resident, you know you’re dealing with a big casino!

1) The Venetian Macau

Square feet: 546,000
Gaming machines: 3400
Table and poker games: 870
Hotel rooms: 3000

And the winner is… The Venetian Macau! The largest casino on the planet can be found in the Chinese city of Macau, providing 546,000 square foot of gambling heaven. The Venetian also holds the title of largest building in Asia and is the 5th largest in the world. So what does a casino that size have to offer? Try 4 unique gaming areas containing a total 3400 game machines and over 800 tables. The entire complex itself is also, as you can imagine, fairly sizeable with enough space to park nearly 100 Boeing 747 planes! Still not impressed? Well how about the fact this giant features a Venetian Canal running throughout its interior, complete with singing Gondoliers! Now that is what we call a casino.