Top 5 Best Gambling Cities

Some cities were made for gambling. There are certain places where it seems like gambling is part of the very foundations, where you can almost smell the plush felt of the game tables as you glide through the streets. From legendary gambling towns of yore to super sleek new mega casinos, some places just let you hit the slots like no other.

As lovers of all things gambling, we decided to assemble 5 of our favourite gambling cities here, for your reading pleasure. From cinematic landscapes to top tourist destinations, the selection below represents some of the most iconic casinos locations on the planet.

Planning on taking a gambling holiday? You’ve come to the right place.

5) London, UK

Our list begins a little closer to home than you might imagine, with our own fair capital city, London. The Big Smoke is home to a number of renowned gambling houses, including famous brands and lavish hotels. But the real action is in some of the not so accessible parts. Exclusive establishments like The Ritz, the Crockfords Club and Les Ambassadeurs offer a taste of the high life, playing host to some the country’s rich and famous patrons for generations. So, if you ever find yourself at a loose end in London, you may want to give a casino a go!

4) Atlantic City, USA

Next up is America’s Playground, Atlantic City. The former gambling capital of the world, Atlantic City is perhaps most well-known for its prohibition era excess and debauchery, recently seen in HBO TV drama Boardwalk Empire. These days Atlantic City is slightly overshadowed by another destination in the States but has lost none of its charm because of it. Travel there today and you’ll be greeted with lashings of tourists looking to strike it lucky amongst its twelve casino floors. Whether you’re a slots fiend or a tables fanatic, you’ll still find a bunch of top notch casinos to have a grand old time in.

3) Monte Carlo, Monaco

As far as a setting for gambling goes, you could do a lot worse than Monte Carlo. Nestled in the sun drenched, palm tree lined coast of the Mediterranean, Monte Carlo is Europe’s premier gambling destination, conjuring images of James Bond in the spy classic Casino Royale. Wealthy card and slot lovers from across the globe arrive in Monte Carlo looking for a classy and cultured experience so be wary, playing for cheap isn’t really an option. Still, if you’re in the market for an upscale casino getaway, you’ll certainly find it in this lavish location. Just remember to order your drinks shaken, not stirred!

2) Macau, China

From Monte Carlo to the aptly titled Monte Carlo of the Orient, number two in our list of gambling havens is Macau. A former Portuguese colony on the southern coast of China, Macau falls outside the legal jurisdiction of the mainland and massively benefits due to the relaxed gambling laws. Hotels and casinos in Macau are among the most popular in Asia, encompassing a staggering set of mega casinos, with the more money flowing through its floors than anywhere else on the planet. The level of luxury has to be seen to be believed and attractions include miles of shopping, an aquarium and a ride on a Venetian Gondola. At least you’ll have to something to do in between the slots!

1) Las Vegas, USA

Could it really have been anywhere else? Taking the top spot on our list is of course Sin City itself, Las Vegas. A town so synonymous with gambling that it’s the first place most of us think of when we hear the word casino. However, Las Vegas position as the kingpin of all things betting related is no accident. It was originally built in the desert with gambling and tourism in mind, quickly becoming a hotspot of illicit activity and mafia-owned hotels. As time passed, the casinos came into the hands of wealthy developers who wanted to create the perfect environment for a gambling getaway. Nowadays of course Vegas is home to some of the most luxurious hotel and casinos in the world and attracts holidaymakers from all walks of life, with the casinos floors still remaining the main attraction. Vegas is an experience quite unlike any other and must-see for even casual slots fans.