Slot Machine Tournament

Playing slots is normally a solo venture. Man vs machine in a battle of luck and skill, the winner taking the spoils. But what if we told you there’s a more ‘interactive’ way of playing? A way to play that involves more than just the one player. Welcome to the world of slots tournaments.

Put simply, a slots tournament is a group of players competing to win the most money over a pre-defined amount of time. Each player receives the same amount of credits at the beginning of the contest and keeps spinning until the time runs out. The player who has the highest balance at the end wins!

To take part, first you’ll have to buy-in. This is a one-time fee that books your place in the tournament and pays for the credits you’ll need to take part. The total of each player’s buy-in decides the size of the prize pool – the more players taking part, the higher the jackpot, with some of the pot also going to runners up. Sometimes the hosting casino can pay the buy-in for you and there are also a host of free slots tournaments out there for you to enjoy, although chances are you’ll be playing for significantly less.

The tournament begins when you receive your credits and the time starts ticking. Slot machine tournaments can be a frantic sight, with each player rushing to hit the maximum number of spins in the allotted time. Unfortunately, you won’t get to keep the winnings from your actual spins as your prize is dictated by the player prize pool. Some bigger competitions may involve several ‘qualifying rounds’ before you can play for cash and some, rather charitably, even award players with the worst score. It’s always worth checking all the tournaments rules before you sign up.

When it comes to taking part, today’s slots fans have a fair few options. While slots tournaments have been present in land-based casinos (particularly in Vegas) for a while, you can now also enjoy an increasing number of tourneys online. Playing on the web gives you a couple of options, Scheduled or Sit & Go tournaments. Scheduled contests take place over a specific pre-determined timeframe which you can join anytime you’d like and re-enter if you think you can better your previous score. These games can be as short as 5 minutes or stretch out over a month and generally have the bigger prize pools to match. Sit & Go tourneys don’t have a specific start and only begin once enough people have entered. These are normally short contests, with smaller prizes but tend to have a higher chance of winning because of this.

Still not tempted? There are a ton of advantages to playing in a tournament. For starters, you may have a higher chance of winning big compared to if you just sat down and started spinning. If you enter a competition with 50 people, you have a 1 in 50 chance of taking home the jackpot, decidedly better odds than the 1 in hundreds of thousands some machines have of a big payout. Playing in tournaments can also limit your losses as you pay the buy-in and that’s it, you know exactly how much you’re going to spend beforehand. Add this to the fact that you can win some serious money for relatively little or even free and we think every slots fan should at least give a tourney a go.

Overall, we feel that slots tournaments are a great way of enjoying some great games in a different way. They add a competitive element to slots and also make for a much more interactive experience. Just be aware that the world of tournaments can be fast-paced and frantic. If you’re looking for a more relaxing slot session, stick to the solo play!