Online Slots V Slot Machines

Every slots player has their preference. New-fangled video slots, or the old-school one-armed bandits. Each has their own pros and cons but just how different are online slots to traditional slot machines? These days, online slots are just as popular as their real-world counterparts with more and more people logging on for some slots action. Does this mean the end for real slot machines?

We’re huge fans of the online experience but also appreciate the joys of a physical machine. So whether you’re an online aficionado or fruity fanatic, we think everyone could and should enjoy a bit of both. Ready to broaden your slots horizon? Here are some of the key differences between online and offline slots.

Player Bonuses

One of the best things about playing slots online is the variety of bonuses available. The only thing better than playing slots is playing with bonus money, right? Most slot sites offer a welcome package when you sign up and regular promos for their loyal customers. While real casinos may also run promotions, the reality is that most of the player bonuses are found online. You’ll the very latest slot deals on the web right here on our site so don’t forget to check out our offer page to see how much you could claim!


When it comes to convenience, online slots will always win out. Playing on the web is easier, quicker and more convenient then venturing out to a slot machine.

Many players prefer the comfort of home where you can eat/drink whatever you want and generally feel more comfortable – there’s no dress code for your living room! Plus, with the introduction of mobile casinos and games, you really can play anywhere, anytime.

‘Reel’ Experience

There is something special about visiting a casino. The act of heading out for an evening on the slots is an event in itself. Whether you’re popping down the local for a few spins on the fruity to jetting off to Vegas for a glitzy gambling holiday, part of the charm is being in the room and soaking up the atmosphere with other gamblers.

You can sample some of that real casino flavour online, many sites now offer a live casino experience in addition to their standard selection of games. Here, you can play along with a live dealer and interact with others from the comfort of your own home.

Travelling to a real location and cost of accommodation can be a factor putting people off land casino play, however this also adds to the sense of occasion, making it more of a rare treat rather than a quick session.

Offline Limitations

Due to the physical limitations of real slot machines, there are a number of features online slots offer that are simply not possible for the one-armed bandits. Firstly, you’ll notice that online slots can have many more symbols per reel than their offline counterparts. Because of this, the prize pools are normally much larger online as the higher number of symbols reduce the odds of a win, making the top wins more valuable!

Online slots also allow you to tailor the way you play. Unlike traditional machines, online you can adjust your bet per spin, from 1p to hundreds. This way, you can bet more to win bigger prizes. At the same time, if you fancy playing for fun you can always play for less!

Slots in pubs don’t have progressive jackpots, but casino and online titles often do. These are often the favourites as the prize grows bigger every time someone plays and can reach millions on the most popular games.

Cater for Everyone

Due to the nature of the web, online slots provide a welcome place to play for a wide variety of slots fans. Those who dislike the high pressure environment of casinos can take solace in the more relaxed world of online play. On a global scale, many online casinos are multilingual and offer their site in a variety of languages, even accepting payment in different currencies, with a range of payment options.


Due to technological advancements and the freedom afforded by the web, online slots tend to have more features than real world games. The latest versions of exciting video slots boast exciting soundtracks, slick animations side games and more. Both online and offline slots can feature bonus games but online there are much more to get stuck into.