Multi-Line Slots

Slot games come in all shapes and sizes, but the most common games you’ll see online are the multi pay-line slots. Some slot games will have as many as 25 pay-lines to be played every spin. Just because a slot game has 25 pay-lines doesn’t mean you have to play all 25 lines, as this can become quite expensive for the average slots player. However, the more pay-lines the bigger the winnings so they can be very lucrative. You also have a chance to break even on every spin, whereas with a single line slot game you can only win or lose each spin.

The number of pay-lines on multi-line slots is only limited by the number of reels. So the number of pay-lines on a 3 reel slot game is obviously less than the maximum number on a 5 reel slot. Generally slots range from 2 pay-lines up to 100 pay-lines. The most common number of pay-lines is 15 or 25.

Our hot tip is check out the rules for each individual game. Learning what free spins/multipliers are on offer, what bonus games there are, etc. will make the game so much more fun. Playing is simple, just choose how many pay-lines you want to go for, set the bet amount for each line and spin those reels.

Multi-line slots have some great themes. You’ll find many of your favourite films, TV programmes and games have been turned into awesome multi-line slots.

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