Game Glossary

Slots are one of the most popular forms of online gambling. Slots are really simple to play but there are some terms you’ll want to get to know so you can make the most of your experience.

3 Reel – A slot game which has 3 vertical playing reels.

5 Reel – A slot game which has 5 vertical playing reels.

Basic Slot – A simple slot game with just one payline and a static jackpot.

Bet – A sum of money spent on a slot games.

Bet Max – Most games have a ‘Bet Max’ option, which allows you to put the maximum amount on for each spin.

Big Hit – Used to reference hitting the jackpot.

Bonus Feature – A bonus feature is an additional game within a slot game which is triggered during play.

Cashback – Cashback bonuses refund a percentage of the net losses within a specified time period.

Coins – Coin is a term used to describe the money used to bet.

Free Spins – Spins within a slot game which don’t cost the player any money.

Hit and run – Refers to a player who only plays a few spins and then moves on to another game.

Hit Frequency – The hit frequency is a reference to how often a slot game pays out on average. The lower the number the better, as a slot machine with a hit frequency of 5 can be expected to payout on average, one out of five spins.

Jackpot – A jackpot is the top prize on a slot game.

Line bet – A line bet refers to the activated paylines on a multiple payline slot machine.

Linked Progressive Jackpot – A linked progressive jackpot is where two or more slot machines share a progressive jackpot.

Multiline Slot – A multiline slot offers more than one payline.

Near Miss – When a winning combination almost lands.

Payback Percentage – Payback percentage is a reference to the amount of money a slot games should return to a player over a period of time.

Payline – The payline is the line, going from left to right on the slots reels, which shows the symbols as the reels spin.

Payout – The payout is the amount won for a winning combination on a slot game.

Pay Table – The pay table is the information on the slot game, which tells you what all the different winning combinations are and details all bonus rounds.

Progressive slot games – Progressive slots have a jackpot that continues to grow until it is won.

Reels – Reels show the symbols. Most slots have 1, 3 or 5 reels.

RNG (Random Number Generator) – The random number generator is a computer program that selects the slot game results at random from all the possible sequences.

Scatter Symbol – Scatter symbols are generally one of the highest paying symbols in the slot game and are represented by a specific icon. This icon will be individual to each slot game.

Signature Slots – Slot games which are made by the casino.

Slot Tournament – A slot game tournament is a tournament where slots players play for a specific prize at a pool of slots.

Slot type – Detailing the type of slot game. You can have a basic slot, a progressive slot or a bonus slot.

Spin – The spin button activates the reels.

Symbols – Symbols are the different illustrations on the slots reels.

Terms – Also known as ‘Terms and Conditions’ or ‘T&Cs’, these sections tell you what the site’s rules, restrictions and wagering requirements are.

Total Bet – Total bet is the number of credits played on a slot game at one time.

Video Slots – High end graphics with lots of interactive elements. Most online slot games are classed as video slots.

Wager – Wager is simply a more formal word for bet.

Wild Symbol – A wild symbol is like a blank square in Scrabble. It will mimic the symbols around it to create a win. This icon will be visually individual to each slot game.