Coming Soon… Westworld Slot

If you’ve seen HBO’s ground-breaking western sci-fi series, Westworld, you probably love it as much as we do here at SFSG Towers. With the hotly-anticipated second series due for release in Spring 2018, Aristocrat gaming manufacturers are treating us to the official Westworld slot game!

For those who haven’t seen the TV show… (No spoilers!)

The Wild West meets Jurassic Park in the shape of Westworld, a futuristic holiday destination like no other where the very darkest of human desires can be indulged without consequence. The series closely examines the human condition, with plenty of gun-slinging cowboy action and a killer musical score from the brains behind the Game of Thrones theme, Ramin Djawadi.

Westworld’s star-studded cast include Evan Rachel Wood, Ed Harris, James Marsden, Thandie Newton, Jeffrey Wright and Luke Hemsworth. Most notably, Academy Award winner and screen legend Sir Anthony Hopkins plays God as the sinister Dr. Robert Ford, creator of Westworld and its synthetic inhabitants, or ‘hosts’. Nominated for a whopping 22 Emmy awards and averaging 13 million viewers worldwide for its first season, it’s small wonder a game wasn’t made for it sooner!

Westworld Slot Game Premiere

Teaming up with HBO and Warner Bros., Aristocrat Technologies Inc. announced plans to release the official Westworld slot game earlier this year. As manufacturers of The Big Bang Theory official slot game, this isn’t the first time the gaming giant has brought the small screen to the slots.

Featuring fan favourite characters and memorable moments from the first series, along with hauntingly beautiful piano covers of modern pop hits as you’d expect, this latest Aristocrat slot title looks to be the complete package for Westworld fans.

With a land-based version of the Westworld slot making its Vegas debut at the Global Gaming Expo 2017 last month, it’s only a matter of time before it becomes available to online slot players.

We can’t wait to go west once again!