Casino Strips Player Of £37M Win

Slots victory has left a bitter taste in one gambler’s mouth as casino chiefs claimed Behar Merlaku’s epic £37,000,000 jackpot win was due to a ‘software error’, offering him a measly £60 and a free meal as compensation.

Clearly unimpressed with their limp offer, the 26-year-old Swiss player is filing a lawsuit against Casinos Austria AG for failing to honour the ‘win’.

Despite only landing 4 out of 5 required winning jackpot symbols, Mr Merlaku was ‘overjoyed’ when the slot machine told him he had won.

When he tried to redeem his £37 million prize, however, Mr Merlaku was instead offered a few bank notes and dinner on the house. Must have been one hell of a meal.

Refusing their uninspiring counter offer, Merlaku was immediately banned from the casino.

With a sum of ‘nearly 43 million euros’ flashing up on screen, it’s hardly surprising that Mr Merlaku is standing by his big slot win and is making a legal bid to keep the cash.

Casinos Austria AG do not accept liability and are trying to pin the blame on the fruit machine manufacturer for the faulty jackpot win.

According to Austrian law, jackpot wins are usually limited to 2,000,000 euros and require 5 matching winning symbols, which makes it difficult to call whether the case will end favourably for Mr Merlaku.

With neither side willing to back down on the matter, the first hearing in this legal case against the Austrian casino is expected to go ahead in early January 2017.